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So in the past month I have had 6 hospital visits am at the doctors once a week I have daily attacks I would say on average 5 a day, I am so tired I can't do anything as am always dirfiting in and out of sleep on the sofa, my body aches I look rough and feel it. I have put uni on hold witch they are cool about I really don't want to go when am like this. My mum is stressing me out keeps telling me its my fault am so ill she has it in her head that am not taking my meds... my girlfriend is stressing out to because she is so frightened every time I go down.

The docs the consultant the asthma nurse don't know whats wrong with but there is somthing coz I don't feel like this for nothing...

am just venting here more than anything none it makes sense am sure.

oh well the answer is out there somewhere.


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Hi Will sounds like your really having a rough time of it at the moment.

Do the docs ect have no clue at all as to why this is happening to you?

It can be hard for loved ones to see this happening as in your girlfriends case is she being suportive at all or is just to scared? Sorry if it seems like am prying I am having a similar problem with my youngest and my oldest has C.F so is also really ill at the moment. Just a thought have you tried taking your meds infront of your mum prove your taking them?

Anyways take care Rob



Rob no they really don't have any clue which is very annoying indeed.

I have but my mother still doesn't think I am taking them enough.

Am staying in London at the mo with my brother which is good, spet I had a really bad attack this morning and still feeling really bad from it Noah is really worried about me wants to take me to hospital as he says my wheezing coughing and over all paleness tiredness isn't right. But we have planned to go out tonight so dont wajtbto runie our planes.

Harriet *my girlfriend* is really supportive often comes round with a dvd and orange juice when I can't get out.



wonder if the asthma is blinding them, how about things like M.E, produce similar and easy to confuse symptoms that fit your current situation, thyroid trouble or several others are possible.


I never thought of that it just thought it was all due to

the attacks ect. I will say that am sat in a&e at the mo.



how r u

I do hope things are setting now or you get some answers. Please look after yourself. Hopefully your mum knows your taking your medicines now and your girlfriend is less worried.



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