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New starter school advice

hi hope you are all ok.tyler start's school in sept.i have rang the school and told them about tyler's asthma and that he has a plan of care at the mo.i also told them tyler has appointments to see con every one to two month's.we have set up a meeting with the head teacher and senco teacher.what do you think i should ask or and any advise that you could give would be great. x

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Mine start school in Sept too but having already been through this with one child here's what i have learnt!

Make sure the class teacher/teaching assistant are in on that meeting, more important than headteacher as they are the ones who need to know how to treat him, what is normal what is him messing about and what needs to be taken seriously.

Establish who has responsibility for expiry dates on medicines in school like inhalers,

How are they going to let you know if he has needed medicine in school? Initially i would get a note in a reading record book saying. your child needed her inhaler today. no help at all as no time on it or how many puffs given!

Make sure there are no animals in school if they are allergic to bedding food etc as well as fur I didn't realise at first they could still have them until 2 pet rats appeared in year 1!!!

Ask where are the inhalers kept, who has access, you'd be amazed how long it can take to find a key to a locked cupboard in an emergency! Who has responsibility to give medicines or do they have to self adminiter, what happens at playtimes lunchtimes and when not in classroom does inhaler go too. This was important in my daughters school as it is large and in 2 buildings.

They also have a poster with her photo on it in the school dinner serving hatch, staff room and teachers cupboard so that supply teachers/students/visitors know not to give her anything she's allergic to and what to do in an emergency.

Side issue but the other query to raise as lots of asthmatic kids get lots of chest infections is antibiotics at my daughters school they will NOT give antibiotics under ANY circumstances so it's best to get them prescribed 3 times a day so can be given before and after school to save traipsing in to school in the middle of the day and ensure they can get back to school as soon as possible.

I'm sure all will be fine and any problems ironed out as you go along.


thanks Marmite


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