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What a day !!

Off to Addenbrookes we went today to see the specialist and have jims allergy tests as i said before we went it came neg lol so now i look now of a nutty mum than i did before ! And the spec just said his emphazema isnt a problem to him but he does have Asthma (what a shock hay) lol got to laugh or i will cry feel more alone and nutty than i did before !

Ashley x

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Hi Matty has no allergies at all so no you are not alone and nutty, I'm joining you too!! Think this causes loads of problems as he has no known triggers apart from emotions and colds.He goes under so quick it's scary. Matty has brittle asthma type 2 also known as severe and difficult.He can have a really high peak flow and black out the same day.

Take care

Kate xxx


Heck, some people spend years perfecting nuttiness... all the great people have a touch of nuttiness... revel int it and feel pity for those who are not...



Hi Kate

Thanks for joining my nutty club lol

Funny we where talking about Matty in the car on the way home i was saying how he sounds like Jimmy just older. Its what u said about living 2 lives just the way we feel.

Thanks again for your support xx



Sorry your having a bad day.

You know your child far better than any dr/ nurse and they will try to make you look bad. I had probs with my daughter being milk intolerant when she was born, and my gp tried the paranoid mother on me but i didn't take it.I stood up to him and the health visitor and eventually they agreed with me and sorted the problem.If you don't insist they will try and ignore you, but there again at least you can put your mind to rest now.

sj x


Well thanks all for your support ! I will carry on as i am nutty or not all we can do is our best !


Hope all is going ok for you? Matty said hope Jimmy is ok as he's was worried about him, said he knows what it's like living with severe asthma.

Take care



aww,hope jimmy gets any meds he needs and keep pushing for answers and help.

love Glynis xxx


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