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Swine flu vaccination


I just wandered what everyones thoughts were on the above, i am so scared by this jab, and if Emily my little girl did not have asthma and wasn't prone to catching EVERYTHING!, i wouldn't even be thinking about it, but we have been offered it by our GP. And Emily is due to start nursery next week, and i am sure will pick up all sorts of bugs.

Has anyone else given it to there child, if so, did they get ill afterwards? and were there any side effects?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.



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My friends son had the Swine flu vaccination and he suffered no side effects. Unlike me, who had a few but then again he is 5 and i am nearly 26.

I would recommend you get your daughter the vaccine especialy if she is prone to infections, colds/flu etc, it was the best thing I did/do.


My son who is 6 years old had the jab in September after his consultant urged me to get him done. I am pleased to say other then a sore arm for a couple of days he had no side effects.


My teenage son and I had the swine flu vaccination and we were both poorly afterwards - extreme tiredness and headache being the main symptoms. It may be a complete coincidence - at any rate it didnt aggravate our asthma or have any long term effects.

My son's consultant and GP urged us to have the vaccination, and I followed their advice. Hearing from several people who have had swine flu, I am glad that I did, even if we had side effects.


swine fu jab

Hi Sarah. me and my son who is 10 had the swine flu vaccine a few months ago. we were ill for a few days but passed within a few days, i would reccommend it to everyone who has asthma think if we didnt we would have been much worse with our colds which as lasted a few weeks now. good look x


get it. always get it.

i had mine the other week in the supermarket (long story... basically pants gp surgery who don't understand that sometimes asthmatics WORK during the day!!) and had no side effects whatsoever. in fact, completely forgot i'd had it until i washed the plaster off in the shower!!


She must have it

I was in the same situation as yourself last winter and had concerns about whether I should get my daughter (aged 3) vaccinated. In the end I realised the risks of not having it far outweigh any side effects that might occur. I apologise for being so blunt but you may have seen on the news recently that flu can be a potential killer.

In the end I also got my son vaccinated (he does not have asthma) and both him and my daughter were fine and didn't even cry when they had the injection.

This winter I had no hesitation in getting them both vaccinated and they were both fine again, although this time they had a combination flu/swine flu injection. I felt it more necessary this Winter as my daughter started nursery in November and like yourself was worried silly about her picking up lots of viruses. She had only started on the brown inhaler two weeks before starting and (touch wood) things have been ok. She has still needed a course of antibiotics but no oral steriods, which is good news.

I would definitely go ahead ....I hope this helps



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