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Prednisolone supresses immune system

I saw my sons consultant today we see him every 6 weeks (as Sidney is in hospital normally once a month with his asthma every time he gets a cold). I was told today that pred suppresses immune system for 6 months every time 3 days worth is given to him. So as he has had this roughly once a month since he was 10 months old (now 2 1/2) does this mean his immune system has not developed properly - therefore catching more colds therefore having more attacks therefore having more does of pred?!? Vicious circle? Am very confused and feel so so so helpless. Is there any one that knows anything about this. Also is there anyone that has tried alternative therapies ie Salt Pipe? x

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We have been given very mixed messages on this one. Our main worry has always been chicken pox. Some advice says there is a risk for 3 months after taking prednisolone, yet when I have asked I am told its really only whilst they are taking it (assuming its a short dose, not long term use)

This question has been in my mind a lot lately. The boys are on steroid inhalers and they pick up everything going, plus it lasts longer than most children and they often get ear and chest infections.

So are the steroids making them pick up more bugs and making the asthma worse? Think I may ask the consultant next week too and see what answer we get.

We took our boys to a Bowen therapist. Its meant to boost the immune system and is non invasive. It defintely did something and there was an improvement, but Oliver has just had his first big attack in over a year so not sure the results are long lived.


i always look at it as the more colds etc u get the better yr immunity

my no 3 child he was always in andout of hospital at least once a month from the age of 1 till about 3 yrs old now at 8 he no where near as many colds as he used to so with his coreect meds he is great most of the time then he is hit with a cold (presumably he hasn't had that strain b4 ) and being asthmatic it hits a bit harder than someone else

they do say on average a baby has a virus/cold every 8 weeks approx


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