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Starting up again!

The boys have all had colds and mild asthma symptoms recently. One is just getting over it when the other one comes down, Sounds full of cold and tight chesty sometimes flemmy cough. only slight occasional wheezing and not pulling tummy yet but I just knew he wasn't right, 6pm took him to out of hours dr. who put my mind at ease saying chest is clear, no wheeze no crackle, I'm relieved and finally able to relax, checked on him 2 hours after inhaler, around one hour after going to sleep and would you believe it, crackling and wheezing now!!! But breathing and tummy still seem fine, gave mor inhaler, don't think I am going to get much sleep tonight, but its not like I can do anything about it yet as he appears to be breathing ok so far, so they won't do anything yet will they?

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saw your post, if you are in doubt A and E!!!!!!!!

It is lucky i saw this post! Always if you are in doubt A and E or emergency doctor!!!!!


mum2three, please, this is NOT the place for seeking medical advice regarding your children - no-one here can see or assess you safely. As Plumie says, if you are in doubt, please go to A&E or contact the out of hour GP service again.


Cathbear and plumie,

I think I was looking more for emotional support than medical advice, I do know I can pick up a phone and speak to a doctor or take him to a&e, I didn't even check this site last night as that is not what I was looking for!!


Apologies, mumofthree, but that's not how your post read last night...I hope your child is OK today.


Thank you for the apology, and yes thank you he is ok. I can understand how my post may have come across that way, I was in fact very concerned that he could have got to the point of needing to be seen but was not at that stage and as I said he was breathing fine. I just felt from your post that I was being told off. Parent using the forum are very vulnerable and emotional and there is always a nicer more polite way to get your point across.


Mum2three, please also understand our position as moderators. Although you said in your second post that you were only after emotional support, the way you finished your first post - ""they won't do anything yet will they?"" was asking for a board opinion on the medical condition of your child. It wasn't clear from your post that you simply wanted some emotional reassurance.

Unfortunately there is a trend in general of people to use the internet as a source of direct medical advice, and this can be ill-advised (in the best case) and dangerous (in the worse). With asthma, particularly, it can be dangerous to wait for internet advice, and ill-advised to give it - especially with children whose medical condition can appear deceptive. Posts about people in difficult situations with their asthma can be worrying for board users to read - as you said parents using the board are vulnerable, as are most board users to be fair - because they know the consequences of severe asthma, and also because it is effectively futile, as no internet advice can replace proper, real-life qualified medical assessment of an asthma problem (or, indeed, most problems). It is for this reason that we try to discourage people from making posts about the emergency/urgent management of asthma.

I say this merely to explain the position, not to try to correct you, as you have already explained that you were after emotional support not medical advice.




all i can say to you is if you think your child is needing their inhaler more than normal to get it checked out by a gp i know only too well how hard and tiring it is and you dont want to look silly when u get there but i would rather look silly than to be worried all night hope your child is feeling better soon

take care



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