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My 16 month old girl has just been diagnosed with Asthma. After having no sleep for the last 6 months due to her coughing the doctors have prescribed her with the brown and blue pump. (sorry don't know their names) This has had little effect as she is still waking up during the night coughing, being sick or panicing because she can't breathe. She has been referred to a Consultant but this appointment can take months apparently. I was just wondering if buying a humidifier would help her breathing at night? Has anyone bought one and had positive results?

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Hi, my son is 14 and has had asthma and allergy problems since he was very small. In the past I have tried a humidifer which did help him when he had a really hoarse barking cough. These days it helps to keep his bedroom cool, he either opens the window or usually has a fan on during hayfever season.Although it is different for every asthma sufferer.

My son has been seeing different consultants for the past 10 years and yes sometimes unfortunately you have to wait months- my advice would be to keep a note of any questions you have because sometimes you wait so long you can forget! After blood tests I found out that my son is allergic to most pollens and moulds but really allergic to dust mites.. even his consultant was impressed with the reading for that test! I really sympathise with you about the sleepless nights and the stress that goes with it, been there too :) I spend most of my time with a vacuum cleaner or a steam cleaner in my hand trying to keep the mites at bay... I hope you get to see a consultant soon, best wishes to you and I hope your little girl feels better soon.


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