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well to start I have chronic asthma and have since I was born..

since yesterday I have been feel breathless wheezing when breathing in

and out tightness and heaviness of the chest I am feeling

exteremly tired and kind of a bit wippy I have taken my pf

witch is normally on a good day 200 but as it stands my best

since yesterday is 50 I have taken all meds inculdong neb

I really don't want to go to the hospital because I don't like the places

and I don't won't to waste there time my family think am making it up

but am in pain and am so tired dose anyone have any


thanks x

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Welcome 1986k

Please go to AnE and get checked over you pf is far to low.

not the best of places but will get peace of mind and meds you might need.

love Glynis xxx


Sorry, but you know as well as we do you need to go to hospital asap. Phone 999 or get yourself there. One thing I have done in the past is phoned the out of hours, but 2bh if your nebs not working theres not alot more they can do. So please get yourself to A and E. Good luck, and hope you get home soon. ally



I hope you are starting to feel better today.

Take care of yourself


You need to get to A and E now! You know by now having had asthma as long as you have that your peak flow is far too low and that its dangerous to ignore it. If your meds haven't helped you need to get hospital attention asap. We cant see you to assess how you are etc we can only go on what you have written. We cannot give advice in an emergency situation as you cannot garrantee that anyone will see it straight away. You are fairly lucky someone has been able to reply fairly quickly this evening that doesn't always happen.

Now please be sensible and call 999 or get yourself to the hospital!

Get well soon Xx



This is Matt Kates boyfriend just want to say thanks for all your messages she rang me on Friday early hours and after two visit to A&E and one 999 call she has been seen too.

Thanks again



I am so pleased you got the help you so definately needed

I hope that you are starting to feel better.


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