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how is your asthma 2day?

Hi new to this .my daughter is 13 yrs she is allergic to .cats .dog .grass and house dust mite .she has been doing ok for few month ,but change of weather .and fact we live in glasgow .city centre with smog.grass.trees n animals everywere .its not easy 2 controll .she takesflixotide.serevent.ventolin.singulair.cetirizine. last night i gave her 8 prednisolone .she coughed all night .

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Hi mum in glasgow.

sorry to hear that your daughter is having a hard time.

I used to live in glasgow and still visit family regularly there, so i know what you mean about the traffic.

Im not very experienced with knowledge, but most others on here are very helpful if you need advice they usually can help with any queries/tips, so do not be afraid to ask anyone. take care.

Lisa x


Poor, got out of hospital 2 weeks ago and my peek flow had been rising slowly, last few days it's heading south again.

might be the weather.


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