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hi my names fizz, my 5 yearold has just been diagnosed with asthma

and im finding it all very scary, at first i didnt except he had asthma as the only symptom he had was coughing, sometimes through the night but mostly first thing in the morning, ive been searching the web trying to get as much information as i can, thats how i found you, so just wanted to say hello for the moment, im sure there will be lots of questions coming your way from me, so for the time being bye for now.

fizz xx

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Welcome to the boards. I hope you fnd all you need here and dont feel afraid to ask anything.



hi fizz i hope your son is doing ok. asthma can be scary but you'll find support on here from people that have been in your position before. ask any questions you like most of us are not medical it just seems that way after years of parenting with asthma. all three of my children as well as myself have asthma. what county are you in only many of them run local support groups as well



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