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What are normal Oxygen SATs?

Maddie has been very poorly the last week. Our out of hours dr called the ambulance and she was whisked away. We dont know what her SATs were then as the out of hrs service didnt have a machine to hand!! However her Respiratory rate was 44 instead of the expected 24 so apparently that in itself was enough to cause alarm.

When things had calmed and she was showing signs of improvement her SATs stayed around 90-93. They didnt go above 93 and in fact dipped to 89. When we were discharged from hosp the next day they were still only 93.

I didnt really take any notice of it until we had to go back onto the ward as Maddie got a temp. On arrival a different nurse took her obs and her SATs were again 93. The nurse started panicking and said she needed oxygen therapy etc. However when the consultant arrived, he saw Maddie and said not to expect much more.

Why can we not expect her to have higher SATs??

Do they begin to stay low in someone with Brittle Asthma??

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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I'll keep this brief as message keeps deleting!

Sorry you're having such a hard time. From experience with our 3yr old, normal is anything above 96. Depending on hospital protocol & individual medics involved oxygen given when sats drop below 92 or some places/staff 94. But resp consultant told us 91 and above on air is very safe level.


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