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Advice on preventing asthma attacks

Hi there,

I’m a physiotherapy student who is designing a poster with two other students for university. The poster is for children/schools and is aimed at preventing acute admission to hospital following asthma attacks. Clearly the best way of doing this is to prevent asthma attacks occurring in the first place. In view of this, our poster has several sections including a brief outline of what asthma is, common triggers, and how physiotherapists are involved in managing it. However, we also wanted to include an advice section directly from asthma suffers themselves. In particular, we are interested in hearing from individuals who have been admitted to hospital following an attack, and what they feel could have prevented their attack and admission.

Any help would be gratefully received. We are very happy to provide e-copies of the poster for display in schools once it is complete (mid-January 2009) if this is of interest.

With many thanks for your help,



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