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I'm so glad I found this site!

My son,now 2 and a half,was found to have asthma in 2010,the consultant who saw him while he was in with bronchiolitis said he had asthma,but it took us another few months for the GP to finally say 'yes he has asthma'.

We are still currently trying to find the right medication for him,he is currently on Clenil,Ventolin and some granules he takes,the name escapes me at the moment.

He had a bad episode just last week,took him to the GP who said his chest was hour later and with a breathing rate of 45 breaths per min and oxygen of 88 he was rushed into hospital in an ambulance.

I look forward to chatting with you all.



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Hi Donna and welcome to the forum. Lots of useful information and nice people on here. Sorry about your little one - hope he is better now. The line about 'chest is clear' is unfortunately all too common. My teenage son is an asthmatic and I've lost count of the times we've been told his chest is clear when he's quite poorly. All you can do is keep vigilent and if you're worried go back to GP again. Mum knows best!


one of the docs actually said to me that most of the time,just before an attack the chest in why do they use that line?it's so frustrating!x


Hi Donna

Welcome to AUK this is a great site with lots of fantastic info and friendly people who are a great support.

I get the whole chest is clear with my son too, in fact my son only seems to be wheezy as he starts to improve a consultant once said to me when I asked why he was wheezy after several nebs and hadn't been when we arrived that his airways were so tight he couldn't wheeze and as they were opening up we could hear a wheeze, very scary!

I hope you get your sons asthma under control.

Clare x


Hello and welcome . The wheeze issue is a massive one . Am thinking of getting my 9 yrs old a tshirt saying ""I DON'T WHEEZE I COUGH - DEAL WITH IT""

Hope you find all the support you need here

Jo x



That made me giggle can you get my son one too lol.



well if we're putting t-shirt orders in i'll have one for myself as well haha


T shirt idea is very funny.

harveysmum welcome to the site and i hope your son is feeling better.

Vicky x


so thats a bulk order of tshirts required . could be some money in this asthma lark !


It would be really interesting if AUK were to do a poll to see how many people with asthma do or don't wheeze with it as a main symptom!

I think the results would pack a punch with the medical profession as I BET that there would be loads of people who say they don't wheeze at all, or that the cough is their main symptom.

It would really make GPs have to stand up and take note I reckon!


it's a pity there are no support groups in everyday life..I've started one on facebook,but it would be helpful if surestart centre's provided them,as some of my friends who don't have children with asthma,do sometimes think I'm making a fuss :( x


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