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Asperger Syndrome
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Aspie @ 59

After a spell in a specialised rehab ward following removal of brain tumour (well most of it) on my discharge, under co-morbidities was written, 'previous aspergers trait', having researched the symptoms I am in no doubt that I suffer with ASD, my OT from the Community Brain Injury Support (CBIS) team was in agreement having watched me stimming on all her visits (I never knew rubbing my kneecaps was called stimming), it also explained why, without knowing the reason, I had been cutting the labels out of clothing ever since I can remember! This explains some quirks of personality, key life events and, probably most importantly, my failure/refusal to fit in with mainstream society, resistance to authority and failure to take responsibility even now. I Have been told due to lack of any family members to corroborate, a formal diagnosis is not possible, I'm not to troubled by that, as I think its only to be believed by others that these 'formal' diagnosis have any purpose. Many symptoms of aspergers and brain injury overlap, especially sensitivity to noise, I live most of the time with earplugs in, and sometimes with ear defenders over the top of those for complete silence, this makes me feel extra isolated to say the least. Any support groups in Poole/Bournemouth? let me know, thanks

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Just because family members could not contribute to this suspected problem, the Dr told you that they could not give you a diagnosis?

That's so utterly wrong. I'm sorry to hear that. I'm 55 and I also suspect I have Asperger's.

Hope you are feeling better from your surgery!

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Hi again, I can relate to your story, (apart from the brain tumour.) My last surgery was at the other end.

I'm not so bad with the clothing labels now though.

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