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Asperger Syndrome
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Staff not understanding me

Hi all,

I don't understand why all my staff are not letting me go out at weekends anymore

First I have challenging behavior, and I last went out on Monday when I found something on the floor and I had to share it, it was money not much, anyway I didn't want to but since Monday I haven't been going out with my staff,

They are now saying that I can't even go out at weekends and I love going out especially when there's a jumble sale this weekend. The only thing is that my staff members are saying that I have to talk to my team leader less as I'm making this carer to stressed. But I can't even talk to her. So they said that i need to talk to MY staff a lot more than others but i feel fricking s**t that I'm not sure if they are doing this just to get back at me just cause of my behaviour the other day please tell me what to do with my self as this is a supported living place so stupid huh!

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