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I am new to this community. I was diagnosed with Asperger's at the age of 4. It is rare for women to have Asperger's I am aware of that. I was the first female at both my primary and secondary schools to have Asperger's. I got engaged on October 3rd last year and I am really looking forward to getting married. I have always enjoyed singing ever since I was little. I play darts for a local team as well. I go to karaoke nights when I get the chance to when I'm not busy with work or other responsibilities. I was always in the choir at school and used to be part of a singing group on church but the guitarist of the singing group got RSI in his hand so as a result the group disbanded. I have been caring for family members since I was 14.

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Welcome to the community! Congratulations on your engagement. You sound like you have a lovely, busy life!

My husband and I both are probably on the spectrum (they didn't diagnose these things when we were small). Our 11 year old son definitely has ASD. Our 8 year old daughter is currently on the waiting list to be assessed for Autism. Some times I wonder if my husband and I should have had children because of the difficulties that they have. But on the other hand, our son is brilliant at science (like his dad and my dad) and our daughter is very sporty and loves to dance. I guess we need to accept that we are all different and that despite the difficulties we can all do well.

Anyway, it's good to meet you and welcome!


Hello and welcome. I am currently in the process of getting a diagnosis I'm 28 and getting married in 2 weeks. Congrats on the engagement! When's the big day? Hope you find this a useful place x


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