Asperger Syndrome
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Does my dad have Asperger's?

I know that you would have to be medically evaluate, but the problem is that my dad has traditional Indian views and considers it a stigma to have an disorder (even though it may not be considered as one), thus his ego is preventing him from getting diagnosed. I have read many articles and all of them have different symptoms and says that symptoms vary. Here are some of my dad's quirky traits:

-He is never late in making payments (bills, rent, etc)

-He is obsessed about Bollywood movies and its trends (highest grossing film, actor facts and rank)

-He sleeps on this sofa he considers lucky for him (makes all his important decisions after sleeping on it). I once threw it out and he is still angry with me till this day. He has been facing hardships and blames me for creating them by throwing his sofa out.

-He always sticks to the same type of clothing (South Pole shirt and dress pants) and most of the time goes weeks wearing the same clothes.

-He has a favorite daughter and is very obsessed with her. Protects her when needed.

-Obessed with double checking things (locks, letters in envelopes, etc)

-Repeats and says the same things over and over

-Is very angry at irrelevant things for years (brings old issues up from 20 years ago). Holds grudges.

-Verbally abusive

-Has verbal diarrhea (doesn't know what to keep to himself)

-Has zero friends and hates social situations.

-Doesn't know how to talk to people. Messes up deals. Over talks all the time.

-Never thinks he's wrong

-Makes lists

-Isn't dishonest. Tells white lies occasionally.

-Hoarders junk

-Doesn't know how to keep things clean and organized

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Hi, can you lock your post? You will get more people replying.

There's aspergers in my family and it does sound as though your dad may need checking out. However, to a certain extent it doesn't matter whether he has aspergers or not, he has to live the life that suits him. They are very sensitive to noise but are drawn like moths to a flame by bright colours (Bollywood movies!) They find it difficult to "filter" out everyday life so that they can concentrate on what they want to do. If you need him to see a dr then try and match a movie to his current predicament. Has one of his idols been to the dr's and had treatment for instance? Bribing always works! Don't knock down his "walls"or beliefs, you have to seep like honey And gently dissolve only the walls and beliefs that are bad for his health. Bribing works great.


The hoarding sounds possibly OCD, as well as the checking stuff.


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