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Need advice understanding what she needs

my daughter has always been different. but she always excelled at so much and still does. She is 27 now, lives on her own, goes to college, works two jobs and supports herself. Recently, she quit communicating with all of her family. She will only acknowledge that she is OK, with a special word that she will text once in a while. We are so afraid of losing the last string of communication with her, so we are afraid to go to see her, as she has asked us to stay away. but, I am afraid of not going, too. any advice from people that have gone thru this with a loved one or from anyone that has experienced being in her position? thanks, Sad Mom

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Hello, This is indeed a difficult situation. Do you know for sure that she is ok when she does not communicate or just sends the brief reply? As she is working, do you know how she communicates with people at work? Is it that she wants to be independent that she doesn't communicate with you or does she have some other reason, such as being exhausted after working as well as finding talking tiring? How often do you send her messages? My foster daughter just like to have texts from me saying "Hello, missing you," She doesn't understand what 'love' is and the use of that word puts her under stress.

Wishing you the very best. Keep in touch, would love to know how you get on with trying to communicate with her.



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