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Feel like I'm wasting my time,no one seems intrested


Sorry sick of explaining about my 13 year old,so after I visited a dr in Australia who said my son wasn't Autistic because he doesn't tick all boxes.We have now been back in uk 2 1/2 years,I eventually went to ask for a 2nd opinion,my dr must of wrote such a poor letter,there not seeing my child through cyps.They need stuff from school,school are disgusted.He is being failed by the services here,what have I got to do to be taken seriously.I know I don't go in all guns blazing,I don't swear or demand he been seen.I feel again that I'm being treat like a stupid mother,he had reflux from birth but that wasn't diagnosed till he was 6 months by a dr in the local a and e,his dyslexia was assessed by a private lady registered in Australia.Im 42 and have only been diagnosed with dyslexia in the last 6 mths,I don't want him to struggle,because his differences are far more than anything I coped with.Who the hell do I turn to,when no one is listening.Yet friends have had there kids recently diagnosed,the ones who resemble my kids and my kids traits,I find it unfair that I'm left to cope with the meltdowns,the stigma of they don't want the weird kid wandering off etc.So sick of explaining his quirks and his ways.

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Getting help in the uk is very hard, you have my sympathy!

My son's school had a policy of giving children help depending on the help they need not their diagnosis which was very helpful as it can take several years to get the right bit of paper from the child and mental health teams.

The national autistic society has a lot of information and a help line especially useful if your son's presentation is not "classical". autism.org.uk/

The worse your child is at school the more likely he is to get help as the school will push it whereas if he is someone whose problems are hidden and he is quiet they assume he is coping which is hard for you (and for him!). He is lucky to have you to explain him to people and the more you know about his triggers the better.

Good luck with it all!

Agree about contacting the National Autistic Society. They are helpful. Also, keep a diary of behaviours and take it to your GP. That helped in my case. It also helped that my son was showing classic symptoms at the appointment, not something that he does all the time. Also, I believe the older the child gets, the harder it is for them to blend in. The symptoms become more obvious. I definitely get more help for my son in secondary school. Good luck and I hope you get help.

Many areas have have likes of services for autism the National centre should be able to furnish you with them?

My council has adult services where i went for a diagnosis as im old! but there will be for younger.

But Autism is a spectrum an umbrella term rather than just one thing there are typical patterns but also many random ones depending where they are on the spectrum so could be more of one or more of the other.