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Extremely painful sores on vagina

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Hi, so in the past 2 days I have developed these extremely painful and stingy sores near the entrance of my vagina. They honestly have made my life hell these past few days. I avoid going to the toilet because they’re fleshy and raw,the pee really stings them to the point of tears. They’ve caused a thick white/ pale yellow discharge all over my knickers and I’m also experiencing slight discomfort on either sides of my pelvis when pressure is applied.in the months before this in the same area has been very itchy but nothing really developed, I thought the discomfort was just due to prickly hairs. I had unprotected sex around 4 days ago I’m worried that this is a sti/d or maybe the sex triggered it. I called the clinic on Friday asking to come in but they said they aren’t taking walk ins and I should order a home test kit however, the questionnaire I was directed to says I’m not eligible for one. Monday morning (tomorrow) I’m going to call in and say that’s it’s an emergency because I cannot handle this pain. Please help

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Did you find out what it was after

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