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Could it be cancer or something else to worry about?


I have to come to this forum as GP not helpful and not listening to me. Sorry if this is long, I just want to give some background. I am a 43 year old woman with 4 children. Since my teens I have had pelvic pain. I have been told that I have two small fibroids on the left side of uterus (fundal region- 28x23mm, myometrium- 23x20mm). I suffered with very heavy, painful periods for years and had ablation in 2018. This has reduced volume of bleeding but not stopped altogether. I was told that fibroids too small to cause pain, although I have continued to have pain only on the left side of pelvis and lower back since teens, not necessarily related to periods.

I have been suffering with pain in my pelvis on the left side. It sometimes radiates down my leg through my groin to my knee. I had transvaginal ultrasound and was diagnosed with Adenomyosis, bulky uterus and a few nabothian cysts. My left ovary couldn't be seen, but they did not request another scan although I made it clear that my pain is only on the left.

The pain is quite bad sometimes and is worse if I walk for any significant distances, such as 10 minute walk to shop.

I had a right nephrectomy in 2014 due to cancerous tumour and gallbladder removed in 2017 due to painfull stones.

I have digestive symptoms such as bloating, wind, diarrhea and heartburn. My mother was told that there is a genetic family link to bowel cancer when she had it. I an worried that the pain I fell in the left side of pelvis/lower back could be either kidney cancer returned in ovary, or other tumour. Am I over thinking?

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You could get a second opinion from another GP in your surgery. Worth mentioning your family link with bowel cancer - someone I know with a family history of this cancer had a colonoscopy done. In terms of your concerns about ovarian cancer maybe ask if you can have a blood test for the relevant tumour marker - CA125 I believe. Disclaimer - I'm not an expert.


Hi there.

Thank you for your message - we're sorry to read that you're feeling worried, and are in a lot of pain and discomfort at the moment.

It must be so frustrating for you that you don't feel your GP is listening to your concerns - and probably not what you want to hear from us, but your GP is the right person to speak to about these problems and they can refer you accordingly. If you feel unable to go back to this GP you have already spoken to, perhaps try and book in with another doctor at the practice and stress to them that you want to rule out ovarian cancer, so need a CA125 test and ultrasound to have another look at your ovaries. A CA125 test isn't a test for ovarian cancer but it can be a helpful place to start when 'putting together' the picture of the ovaries/ovarian situation if that makes sense.

If you have any other questions please do get in touch with us via

Best Wishes

The Ask Eve Team

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