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Hysteroscopy due to possible polyp



So last year I had a scan due to my periods not normal . So I have my period for three days then day four it’s not there then day five I bleed light and day six it’s gone my period has stopped.

The scan shows a possible polyp so the gynaecologist wants me too have a hysteroscopy.

I have said no I’m not mentally capable right now due to trauma from procedure and not being able to cope with pain or invasive stuff .

He’s agreed for another scan to check how things are then obviously I know I’ll need it .

I have read and spoke to women about this procedure and I know it’s extremely painful and I know I will need a local anaesthetic. I don’t want a general as I’m scared of not waking up and I’m also being referred to immunologist as I keep getting rashes and reacting to things like medication so the thought of having a general and having a bad reaction is a no for me

I’m scared if I have a local and I’m still able to feel the polyp being removed.

Has anyone been through this please ?

Please I would rather I had honest answers

This has been affecting me since Christmas the whole hysteroscopy thing .

Please note I have no abnormal pain or discharge outside of my cycle .

My periods are on time and not heavy

Thanks so much


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I can relate to how you feel i had a scan and the found a tumour possibly non cancerous fibroid or possible cancer i am petrified as hysterectomy was mentioned but i jist cant seem.to get my head round it have you had a scan or biopsy to say what it defo is because isnt it a bit extreme to remobe a womb if they can remobe the intuder instead ? I was all up for a hysterectomy until i actually read about it and had the dr explain things but i have constant pain in my lower back and front i get sciatica every month just out of curiosity do u have any other symptoms other than heavy pperiods iv been like that for 3 year now been palmed off when went to dr they just make excuses til my dad got involved and i got a scan and the found a tumour 14mm by 10mm on my uterus near left ovary i have constant pain and worry its going to be sinister :-(

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