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Yeast infection


I need help. I’ve had a yeast infection for several months now. I told my mom about it a week after it started, she got mad at me, made me go with my dad to buy a 3 day cream and never talked about it again. I was ashamed to ask for help because she made me feel disgusting even though I’ve never had sex. I need to know what I can buy to cure it but it has to be over the counter. Please help me.

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Hi there,

We are sorry to hear you felt ashamed asking for help with the discharge you are experiencing. It sounds as though the cream you bought hasn’t had an effect in clearing the discharge up . So we really do need to direct you to see the doctor or nurse to get a swab of the discharge to identify what it is in order to treat it properly.

If you have any other questions please do contact us on

Best Wishes,

The Ask Eve Team

Hi sad puppy

you should not feel ashamed at all it could be thrush which many people get .you may need antibiotics an your gp can help with this. They may also take a swab to determine the cause you may be am undiagnosed diabetic which can cause these type of conditions amd may explain why it hadnt cleared. Please go see your gp and stop feeling bad you have fone nothing wrong just got ill. I speak as a professional nurse.

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