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Complex ovarian cyst

For 1 1/2 year I have being dealing with ovarian cysts. I was first told it was only on my left side and It would just require checking up again in 6 months because it was the size of 3.5 and continuing like that. I’ve read that for the most part they go away and don’t cause pain but I’m always in pain? I recently had an ultrasound and was told that it’s not just one but multiple cyst ranging from small to medium size. I was told it’s “complex ovarian cyst” and was referred to a different obgyn and that they would have to do blood work. I have pain since I found out about them and they know it, why can’t I just have them removed? I’ve always had a gut feeling that I won’t be able to have kids and this was way before I found out about the cyst... and now I feel like my worst nightmare is coming true.

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Hi there,

Thank you for your message.

Can we suggest you talk to your gynaecologist about your fears ; understandably you may worry that you may not have the choice to have children if you need your ovaries removing. It's a massive undertaking to remove ovaries in a pre -menopausal woman and your doctors need to be sure it's the correct and necessary operation to do. They are doing other tests (blood work) when you see them next ask for explanation of what the tests mean and if you need surgery and importantly if they think it will stop the pain. It may be that they are not causing the pain. We are sorry to leave you with more questions to ask, but it is impossible to give a clinical opinion on this forum .

Best Wishes,

The Ask Eve Team