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Thrush and thrush sores not going away


Hi, I'm new here and don't really know where to turn. I've had horrible gyno distress over the last couple of weeks, from cystitis to haemorrhoids to developing bad thrush. I've been to docs but symptoms still persist and I now have developed sores on my vulva (not inside vagina or anywhere apart from 1 on lips) that my doctor said were probably thrush, but don't seem to be going away with any cream and I'm a bit scared and at a loss for what to do. I also have other thrush symptoms that haven't really changed with applying the cream. They've changed a lot but been there for over a week. Does anyone have any advice or would be able to shed some light if my doctor is right or if its a cause for concern or if they should be gone by now. please help!

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Hi there,

Thank you for your message. Thrush can sometimes lead to genital sores, but it would be a good idea to go back to your doctor and have swabs taken, as this hasn't happened yet and might show another infection that isn't thrush. An STI check in this case is always a good idea as well, just to check out all possible options.

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Ask Eve x

I have experienced sores developed from thrush and when been to the GP they were very persistent in trying to say it was herpes, but wasn't I generally get then when I'm complaining run down and stressed. I found hydrocortisone 1% cream helped me clear this and thrush treatment. Hope that helps x

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