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pelvic ultrasound and TVUS today

hi I've just got back from having a pelvic ultrasound then an unexpected TVUS today. findings were fluid and a cyst on right side and endometrial lining just under 5mm. I've got a follow up with the gynaecologist but in the mean time i'm worrying. The radiographer said they may do more tests and may give me medication depending on my history and symptoms. But usually cysts aren't treated. I'm post menopausal but had a PV bleed about two weeks ago. Am I worrying unnecessarily and what is likely to happen next?

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Hi there. I've recently been through this myself with a thickened lining of 13.7 and a cyst on ovary. I've been diagnosed with complex hyperplasia, benign basically. Cyst ok too. Try not to worry too much, easily said I know but it really doesn't have to be bad news. Hormones do some strange things.

I had to have a biopsy which wasn't very pleasant. But just gave me bad period cramps and bled for nearly two weeks after.

I really hope this helps a little and you get the same outcome I did.


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Thank you. Hope you're feeling better now. Did you have the cyst removed for the biopsy. There's no plan to remove mine maybe because it's so small. They plan to watch and wait to see if it grows and do another TVUS. I didn't find TVUS too bad. But the internal with the gynae was traumatic for me. I cried had a panic attack and he gave up because he told the nurse he couldn't get any further than the tip of the cervix. I vomited up a drink of water in front of them. I was in a lot of pain before it started so I think that's why. After I was given the CA125 nurse said it's low grade and they are just going to keep an eye on it. Do you take any medication? What's happening next for You? All the best. X


The biopsy was from the uterus. They are watching my cyst too. Another scan end of August.

Sorry you had such a rough time with investigations. It's not very pleasant. I've been taken off my hrt which is bad as I'm struggling without it but because of the hyperplasia they won't let me have it.



Good luck for August will keep my fingers crossed for you.

Thanks, not too bad now the memory is fading. Oooh not so good there for you then. I think I heard soya can help. Worth doinga bit of research. I wonder how much of what we eat and drink actually affects us.

Best wishes