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Mexo chemo meds?????

Good morning. My 8 yr old has a form of arthritis. We do not know whether it is the auto immune condition that caused the antibodies and the pos ANA last year or if it is a symptom of the condition he might have and they just have not found it yet. We tried him with other meds. We did sulfasalozine which dr wanted compounded version of but insurance does not cover compounding and it was $200 a month for just that 1 script. Then we tried another that was a capsule and he would have had to open the capsule and put it in food. I forget the name of it, but $900 a month or 500 after insurance. Another no go! We tried tablets of the sulfa...... the amount he had to take twice a day ground up into a powder was impossible to mix into food!! plus it tasted so bad the kid did not even want to eat. And the smell.... yuck! They want to try him once a week on the Mexotrexate liquid. IT IS a CHEMO med!!!!!! I am afraid of weightloss, appetite loss, his immune system being compromised to get infections, hair loss and he can become sterile as an adult. Any advice???