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New here

Hi there,

I was diagnosed with Reiters Syndrome at age 26 and am now 41...

All seemed fine for years, but now I'm struggling to walk and am in constant pain, but I'm not taking anything for it...even those closest to me don't know the extent of it,

I need a quite a big foot op to be done next year but really don't know whether this is a good idea?

Also don't know any surgeons well enough to know who to turn to for guidance...

Would a few days on a cortisone IV help??

I work in the medical profession but it makes me no wiser in a lot of ways ;)

Sleep well everyone, sorry for the strange post, just wanted to reach out...


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Hi there Dee, I don't really know how to reply to you as you sound really lonely with that pain. I can only say that it is not shameful to take painkillers, especially when you have so much pain. yo are not weak to take them. Those nerves are your body telling you that it needs help. I heard the other day that some researchers are of the opinion that a regular amount of ibuprofen actually could add twelve years to a person's life. Whether you believe this or not if you are able to take something for the pain your quality of life could improve dramatically, don't you think?

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