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Antenatal Screening

When did anyone have this? and where?

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Hi Pumpkins,

I had scans when pregnant with my daughter, is that the kind of thing you’re thinking of? I had them regularly because I was taking medication before I got pregnant.

I was also lucky and had a couple of appointments with a perinatal psychiatrist before getting pregnant to get their advice. The GP referred me to one.

Were you thinking of that sort of thing?

Jen X


Hi Pumpkins - in terms of mental health screening all pregnant women get asked two routine questions during their first midwifery appointment (when they are booking in at around 4-8 week’s pregnant). The questions are the Whooley Questions if you want to google them - basically about your mood and whether you’ve felt depressed down or hopeless over the previous few weeks. I found them a bit pointless for me, to be honest! Happy to go into this a bit more, it’s something I’ve thought about a lot as I wish I’d been screened more effectively and received some Perinatal Mental health support/info during pregnancy... hope this helps

Kat x