Action on Pre-eclampsia

Symptoms of pre-eclampsia

The most common symptoms are raised blood pressure and protein in the urine (proteinuria) which is why your blood pressure and urine are always tested at your antenatal appointments. The reason for a rise in blood pressure and protein leaking into your urine is because of changes to your blood vessels.

You should also be aware of the following things to look out for:

Severe headaches and possibly flashing lights in front of your eyes.

Severe and sudden swelling of the limbs and face. Whilst some swelling of the feet and hands is common in pregnancy, pre-eclampsia can cause sudden and severe swelling, especially in the hands and face.

Pain under the ribs on the right hand side (liver pain)

Feeling generally unwell.

If you develop any of these symptoms then contact your midwife immediately and ask to have your blood pressure and urine checked. Pre-eclampsia can develop very quickly and be very dangerous for you and your baby, so you must seek urgent medical attention. Do not feel that you are being a nuisance.

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does high blood pressure and blood in the urine signal something serious in pregnancy??


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