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Action on Pre-eclampsia
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Long-lasting side effects of pre-eclampsia and eclampsia

I had my first introduction to pre eclampsia with my first pregnacy at age 17. My blood pressure was 206/210. I was told that we both should have been dead. I delivered my daughter at 28 weeks. I gained 120 pounds of fluid in 11/2 months. It took medications and 2 years to get rid of weight due to blood pressure staying high. My second pregnancy was in 2008. I delivered my son at 2 days before I turned 5 months pregnant. Dr's told me 3 weeks earlier at er that there was no way I had pre eclampsia that early.... Don't belive them!!!!! My kidneys had shutdown. Heart was barely working. Lungs were trying to stop. Had 2 seizures and a stroke 4 days after delivering my son. So you don't always get better after delivery. I still have seizures and extremely high blood pressure. Depression, anxiety, bipolar, and borderline diabetes.... All due to pre eclampsia and eclampsia... Have not found medications to help yet.....

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My daughter had pre eclampsia and has had a casarian but her blood pressure is still really high, just wanted to know about Postpartum Preeclampsia if anybody can help me with this please x


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