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Concealed abruptio placenta at 38weeks... worried now for second pregnancy...

Hi Moms, I am 29 y/o when I found out that I was pregnant with my first baby. My hubby and I we're so excited to be new parents and felt so blessed to go through the pregnancy with no complications not until my 36 weeks regular checkup that I was diagnosed with PIH (pregnancy induced hypertension). We tried to follow all advises of our doctor and went on our regular checkups. Everything was going fine and monitored as I progress but one morning of my 38th week, i felt really painful contractions that really made me think I am going into labor. So I got ready and everything, so excited and all especially I will be celebrating my 30th birthday with her in my arms.

As we went to hospital it was so traffic and because I live here in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, most nurses in the hospital didn't speak to me in English about my condition. They just go back and forth my room without saying a word to me. So I waited and waited, and then my OB arrived. I was examined and all then she wanted me to see the ultrasound... She told us that our baby's heart rate is really going down and went straight to the point that even if we did a emergency CS that time, our little Cielle will not be able to make it. Even if she was explaining, I cannot digest what she is saying. All I can say is, please doctor, try again... open the utz again and try to locate my baby's heartbeat again.. I couldn't comprehend everything. My hubby and my friends are all there to explain to me what was happening. The doctor held my hand and said there is no use for us to do the emergency CS and we will just wait for my spontaneous delivery.. I don't know what happened next but then told me that I fainted and as they checked all my vital signs are showing critical.. Next thing I knew they had to take me to the OT and do emergency CS because it will cause my life.

And so I woke up with all the pain and stitch in body but no baby Cielle.. I came to a point that I questioned God.. all the why's and "what have I done to deserve all this pain"... Why I carried her in my body and be taken away without hearing her cry.. I have all this when I woke up then my hubby and friends were all there crying with me but still very happy to see I was able to make it. Then all words of encouragement came.

Not long before I woke up, one of my friends told me that we needed to arrange the burial of our angel Cielle. Even if I was still in pain physically , I did not think of that anymore because all I wanted is to see my angel have a proper place.. We called for a priest to bless her as I was holding her cold in my arms. She was so beautiful, she looks so peaceful sleeping.. I cannot blame God and I said sorry for getting angry and questioned him.. I know he has a reason for all these and all I want is for him to get my angel and take good care of her. We opted for cremation for our angel Cielle and now she stays with us.

Cutting my long story, we went home without our baby Cielle. I had to recover longer as I had emergency CS..My hubby and I struggled a lot in saving our relationship.. We had lots of misunderstanding to the point of breaking everything off. I prayed and asked for guidance. We worked things out by going out again, trying our best to communicate more, doing things together and keeping each other healthy...

After 6 months, I just found out today that I am positive doing the PT. I did it twice to be sure. 2 (+) and I could not believe it.. Now I do have a lot of mixed emotions. Happiness , excitement but the most of all, I am worried. I called my previous OB and they said she resigned already for further studies. Now it's adding to my worry to explain my previous condition to the next OB.

Any advise or words of encouragement will be out most appreciated mom out there ....

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I am sad to read that you lost your beautiful daughter, Cielle. God must have clearly needed a very special angel that day and has now given you and your hubby the opportunity to have a baby to love and cherish. I hope you can both stay strong and that this pregnancy will bring you both happiness. Please try to stay calm and find a OB who understands what you have gone through and the emotions you are feeling now. Try to attend all of your appointments and rest when you can. I too had PIH at 31 weeks but was lucky that following an emergency cs my daughter survived despite weighing only 1 kg. I also had an eclampic fit so was also very ill. We were in England and were looked after well. My daughter is now 25 but I can remember it as if it was yesterday. I joined APEC then and got a lot of information. I still support them now. I am sure this will be available on the Internet. I pray that you get the care you need and hope that I will read some day that you and your hubby have become parents again. Good Luck. Imelda x

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Hi im 35yrs old i had a normal pregnacie at 16 yrs up until i was 24 wks in to my pregnancie but how i found out of carrieig my handsome champ who now 18yrs with his own two boys i had a smear test an tested abnormal cells an 15 wks in to pregnancie he was born with low sugar levels an a few other problems i was at my last antinatal class i had bloods urinal an a scan justwaiting to see consultant an they put on a blood flow ambilical cord test i had never seen or heard of it but my boy was born weighing 5pound 6 ounces an his full body measureing a full grown mans hand legnth from tip to wrist a vicar had to bless him an i was given a poloroid picture an had to wait 47 hours before even having a glimse of my baby it wad the most horriblest time everan after 35.29 mins of labour only dialating 1/3centermeters that i have a very pelvicean will never have natural birth but he was very prematuare born his due date was 5/6/98 he was born 4/5/98 i in 2001 i had my daughter 3 weeks earlywieghing 5 pounbs 6 half ounces100%healthy then at 14 yrs last year she had a ear infection gp took swobs we had phone call 24 hours a gets told she has alife threating seripus condition bone dieses c section born no problems born but pregnancie was the worst heart burn then sickness the cramp pins an neddels an pains in my heart but that have carryed on then on 14/11/03 my son was born a nice wieght 6 pounds 3 ouncies no problems then 14 months old an eye infection which lead to his tear ducs getting blocked up some days or as dry as a fish out of warter but now from 24 months up till now hes 14 yrs the most intelligent an smartest kid i have knowen my youngest is the only 1 i brest feed loved it an i wish i had of all my kids because he is 11 yrs born 16/02/05 weighing 6 pounds 13 ounces only all 4 of my cercareon sections i was awake an only had spinal block but my last section i was told i had to be steralisd so i had cut an seal tub an i had spinal block for waiste to toe an a eperdural as back up because spinals are known to be an hourly to 2 hours paralisesatipn but i got high blocked an had to be brought back with adrenilin injectilnan cpr but never suffered any of the symtoms for a pre clamsia or prolapse always having my smear test as my nan died with stomach cervical cancer but since my youngest was 2 may be a bit older my insides seriously on my kids lifes its so painful to sit walk an some times stand laugh or cough an blood clots on my lung but only since that double op never had treatment for my smear tests an at 15yrs up till now 35yrs old i have had abnormal cells an my overies intestines stomach all insides feels like my vagina is opening an its all coming out can anybody tell me or a solution to wot it is an why thank you


Its me from the upper message i have had 3 misscarriegs 1 still born a little boy i was 8 months an a few days un to pregnacie an i have also lost a twin to my youngest i am now 10stone3 my height is 4foot7inch an i only eat a little cos other wise my belly burns an some times dont empty my bowls for 5 days may be a week even but urinal always smelly an i have my periouds but its deep an really dark an it looks like a thick blood an i have no option but to use 1/2 packs sanitry pads a day an a big worrying sized clot please help


heey so sorry for your loss.. same scenario of urs is mine :(

I hope I miss my period too this month


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