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Where and with whom


I am someone. I am not english, I moved in London one year ago. Although this city is amazing, living here is not easy. I'm studying and working to preovide my expenses.

Few years ago I suffered of bulimina, I was admitted to a specialized center for the treatment of eating disorders, after which I continued therapy with a psychotherapist, she was amazing and she helped me really a lot. With ups and downs I felt better, I was able to manage definitely better than before my emotions. After moving here, and mainly in the last period due to different problems, I started to feel again not good. I don't like myself, I feel I can't, I feel I will not be able to fulfill myself..

I can't accept to stay in this way.I want to take myself again. I want to find help here, I would like to find a psycotherapist, of my same language would be better. My worries are about how much I could pay here.

Have you got ny suggestion for me??

thanks a lot.

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I am so sorry to hear of your current dilema and can empathise with you although I suffer from Anorexia it has the same insidious consequnences and messes with your head and emotions.

It is only a suggestion but have you tried going to your G.P. for a NHS Referral to see a Psychologist/[sychotherapist. There are Specialist High Risk Eating Disorder Teams FREE on the NHS, perhaps your G.P could advise you for one in your Area.

Good luck. God Bless. In my thoughts & paryers



I totally understand you because Im not english either and I have exactly the same problem since I came to London.

Dont hesitate to go to your GP. I did it and she was very kind with me. Now I am waiting for my psychotherapy and I dont have to pay anything at all.

Ask for help, its the first step and we all know its going to be hard.

Let us know how you get on.



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