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Bulimia and Binge-Eating Disorder (BED)

Suffering with Bulimia and BED can feel as if you’re trapped in a never-ending cycle of denial, bingeing and/or purging. You may feel ashamed of what you’re driven to do and feel guilty, but bulimia and BED are serious conditions/illnesses, so you’re not to blame. It might feel that there’s no way out but full recovery is possible and ABC can support you.

The first step is finding the courage to talk to someone about what you’re going through, somebody who you completely trust and feel comfortable with. It might be a scary thought - confiding in someone, but letting another person ‘in’ will give you support and reassurance and help reduce feelings of isolation. If you don’t think you could tell someone face to face, why not write a letter or an email to them explaining how you are feeling? Seeing a doctor you trust can be really important especially if you’re noticing physical symptoms such as sore throats, signs of blood in vomit, chest pains etc. Perhaps take along to the doctor the person you’ve confided in for support. Your GP should be able to suggest ways of helping you and will find the right type of professional support for you. They may refer you for further professional help and you can see a counsellor or therapist, who understands bulimia and can help you towards recovery.

In addition to professional medical and therapeutic help, there are also ways you can start the recovery process for yourself. Linking your emotions to your eating, (including binges) in a food diary will help you to understand your thoughts and feelings and how they relate to your actions. Over time you’ll be able to see a pattern and perhaps with help and support you’ll be better prepared and in a better position to address issues such as guilt, bingeing, buying food, self induced vomiting and control. Remember that talking to your counsellor about your food diary is not easy but do talk to them and explain how you’ve been feeling as you’ve been writing it down.

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