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Meal plan ideas for anorexia recovery?


I have no idea why I’m asking this.

All I want is to land myself in hospital and prove I’m ‘sick enough’.

But here I am, trying to come up with a meal plan.

What am I doing?

At the moment, my diet is nothing, no fluids, no food, nada. I’m feeling like crap every day and my mother says my lips are turning blue. I don’t want to eat, but I don’t want to die of starvation, but all foods seem so scary and intimidating. Even water. Does anyone have any meal ideas that will help me... not die?

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Thats how I was at first. I was scared to even eat anything at all and I freaked out everytime I did. What I started to do was eat small amounts of fruits and veggies and I honestly didnt feel as bad. I was even scared to drink water too but I took small sips and eventually started to drink more. Once I got to the point where I was eating a little bit more and was a healthy weight I started to exercise and workout everyday. I know it seems scary at first but it will get better in the long run I swear. I would know because 4 months ago I was 64 pounds and Im only 16. But now I am 96 and I am feeling much better. I will be here to help you if you need it. Sorry if I wasnt helpful.

No, you were really helpful, thank you! I’ll try and eat fruits and veggies, although it still seems terrifying- I just don’t want a single calorie near me these days. But if I don’t die, maybe it’s worth it :)

It will definitely be worth it in the long run. I will help as much as I can if you need it.

Firstly - I would suggest its time to get professional help - your body is going to be increasingly starved and you are going to become seriously ill. It is not a problem that goes away by itself and not something that is easy to solve alone - it is an illness and needs specialist treatment.

However, if you are trying alone - Food can be terrifying I know - and I really do think you need some professional help with the emotions and the diet - I agree with Shortstack - start small and build up gradually. Set yourself small daily targets - just one little bit of vege, fruit plus fluid of some sort.

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I agree - plus, if your weight is really low, please avoid exercise. You are clearly a smart cookie, so you know that if calories out, exceed calories in, that's not good for you. Please take care,

I am currently following a meal plan called Minnie Maud. You have to eat at least 3000 calories every single, no weighing yourself or exercising and do a therapy. You can find more info on youreatopia website.

I think this is the best method to recover. Your weight will seem to go up fast in the first week or so, but then it slows down. It is about getting enough calories to rebuild your body and muscles, and repairing the damage you have done. Plus, I really feel like I can eat with no restriction.

I know you are scared to eat, but you really have to if you don’t want to die. Maybe you can start with ensure or meal replacement drinks. They taste bad but they will make you want to eat!

Hi, how are you doing? I would also suggest taking it slow when increasing your intake at first because of the risk of refeeding syndrome but once you are able to consistently eat more , then there is really no upper limit and the more the better ! I am struggling myself at the moment and it can be so hard because your eating disorder will always tell you to eat less or that you are eating too much. I would also suggest trying foods that you used to love- your eating disorder will probably tell you fruit and veg are most suitable but your body probably wants something completely different! When I started eating more again I made myself taste things that i knew i liked before, even if i was really scared of them and sometimes i then realised my body really wanted that food (i tried a lot of sweets, chocolate and desserts as well :)) . Icecream can also be really good- it is pretty easy to eat and very yummy... Hope this helps, I’m still struggling myself with anorexia but i’ve managed to add back a lot of foods and gain some weight even though there is still a lot of panick involved- but nice food that you like can make it better. I personally also would’t worry at first about whether it is ‘healthy’ or ‘ balanced’- any food is good :) hope this helps, good luck!!!

Eat foods that you like or liked before you got ill but remember those foods have to be healthy! It’s good to start with light things like berries, fruits and vegetables. They will give you energy, fiber, strength and vitamins that will boost your health and immune system and just generally make you feel better. Keep drinking the water, even if you drank 100 liters of it, it could never make you fatter because you will always pee it out. It will keep your hair and skin healthy and help you digest your food and avoid stomach pain. Don’t drink it more than 2 liters a day because otherwise it can be dangerous. The foods I have mentioned will not make you fat, believe me. Give them a try and let me know how it works dear! ❤️

Ps. Remember, food is not your enemy.

Love, Maria

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