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Recovery and laxatives


I've been trying to get my head into recovery mode since September but as soon as my weight gains more than 3kg I panic and revert to restrictive/binge purge behaviours. There's such a lot going on at the moment and I'm really scared if I'm seen to gain to a healthier bmi support will stop and I feel so out of control with everything. Nothing has changed yet in my relationship with food and I don't feel I'm getting anywhere with the psychologist I've been assigned.

I have never used laxatives excessively but take 3x recommended dose about once a week, usually a couple of days before weigh in. I have tried stopping but then things don't happen 'naturally'. Can anyone tell me who has used laxatives whether your body adjusts and things happen naturally in time or are laxatives required forever? I hate the bloated feeling from constipation that I get and will go the whole week without going naturally.

Sorry for the gross topic but I haven't anyone I feel comfortable to ask

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Hey Jots1234.

I do not know much about laxatives.

I just wanted to say that it is good that you are trying to recover. You may not feel like you are getting anywhere but I feel like it is good you are sort of in the mindset of trying to get better.

It sucks that you do not feel like you are getting anywhere with your psychologist. Is it possible to perhaps be assigned another psychologist?Also, how long has it been since you have been with this psychologist? Maybe it will take time to adjust?

Hope you are okay xxx

Jots1234 in reply to TPepper

Hi TPepper,

Nice to hear from you. I've been with her since Easter but a lot has been happening at home since the same time so I don't think it's her, just that I'm too overwhelmed by everything to engage fully, but I'm not sure what to talk about when I'm there which makes me feel awkward. I haven't lost my nervousness yet to be able to talk/relax and already she's talking about sessions ending so thinking I'm too much like hard work and there's no hope of recovery for me. Since last week's session I've been all over the place food wise.

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