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I need help its about someone I know with an ED

I think it is bulimia and anorexia because she's like I was/ kind am (Ive recovered kindof/ am still recovering from anorexia) but she also throws up. she barely eats at all and I check to make sure she eats atleast one thing a day but then she throws it up. she wants to be like 90 pounds but she is already underweight and I can't handle seeing her do to herself what I did to myself last summer. I need to know how to help and support her and make sure she doesn't lose too much weight. I don't live close to her so I can't actually see when she is eating but she doesn't ever lie to me. but that also means I can't get to her or help her when she is going to throw up. someone with bulimia or experience in it please tell me hoe to help her. she feels like she won't be beautiful until she is 90 pounds and whenever she eats she feels like she has to throw up or something will be wrong or she thinks she will gain weight. I'm so worried about her and I love her please help

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what a hard place to be in. Unfortunately until the person themselves recognises they have a problem there is not much anyone can do apart from be there - listening, hearing, reassuring and gently supporting. You could suggest she contacts ABC or at least visits their website - or gets checked out by a GP just to make sure her bloods etc are OK. Sorry not to offer more help.


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