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Hypnotherapyand eating disorders

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I was wondering if anyone had ever looked into, considered it has actually had hypnotherapy for their eating disorder?

I've read testimonies of people who have almost cured all their disordered eating habits through it but I'm not sure or if an eating disorder really can only be helped through original counselling?

Did it work? Does it help? Do you think it could help?

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I haven’t had hypnotherapy, but I believe it can work as it can help to drown out that voice in your head that keeps you going down the wrong track. I know someone who gave up smoking with hypnotherapy and people use it to help them loose weight if they are overweight so it seems reasonable to me that it could work for eating disorders. You would need to be ready to let it help you though as hypnotherapy is only effective if you are open to it. Dunno if the above is any use to you but let is know if you try it and how you get on. Best of luck. L

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I have heard it's really helpful for things like that too. I am seriously considering it... I am so fed up with the way I am and my disordered behaviour I really do just want to be able to eat "normally" ya know? But struggle to drown out that voice and break my habits to do it myself so thought this could help. But really not sure... if I go ahead I will defently do another post with results....

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Hello.... well I say “go for it!!” What have you got to lose? Ok, it will cost a few quid, but don’t know about you but I feel this stupid eating thing is wasting my life! 20 years and counting.... sigh. Bones crumbling, skin crap, well you probably know the story.

Go do it! Think freedom! And keep us all posted. I’m sure I can speak for most people on here.... we are all behind you on this!


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Wow... 20 years... how old are You? Have you never received help? I know what you mean the grips of an eating disorder is horrible it's worth any money to get out of it... I just wasn't sure if it need proper counselling to help. But your right maybe I should try I can't eat anything but potatoes and biscuits I'm super underweight and causing a strain on my life :( if I decide to do it I will defiently keep updated... why have you never tried it?

Long time ago we tried it - parents had reached desperation point - but didn't do anything for me - just expensive - also - with EDs there are a lot of issues that need looking at behind the illness - so counselling I found a better way forward.

I'm not anorexic or bulimic I have more of a food phobia... I'm so anxious and scared to eat anything in case I feel really sick or I'm physically sick so can't eat... do you think it wouldn't work for me then? Do you have counselling now? Where did you have your hypnotherapy... why do you think it didn't work?

I'm just wanting to try anything!!!

possibly as you have a phobia you could try it - but looking at why you've developed this phobia with a counsellor might be long-term successful - go to your gp and get a referral - warning is you may have a wait for treatment.

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