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I have been suffering with anorexia for over a year and i have spent the last 6 months limboing between not gaining weight and not being refered to an impacient care unit. I have been threatened with the hospital so many times but i have only gained 1 pound in the last 6 months when really i should nearly be a healthy weight by now.

I told my aunt a few things as she is the only person i trust and she had a duty of care to tell my therapist. After i lost weight that week they refered me and i am still waiting to here when and where. Iv only been waiting for 2 days but it feels like forever.

I dont really know what to expect when im in there and it really scares me, i hate the unknown.

Has anyone experienced this or been to an impacient care unit that could possibly help to calm my nerves and possibly help me to prepare for this??

Thanx for taking ur time to read this ❤xx

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Are you in the UK? I've been inpatient 3 times and I'm on the waiting list to go back in so feel free to send me a private message with any questions x


I have a friend who as spent time in inpatient care - whilst a hard time in her life - she found it very helpful - getting her weight increased with the support of the counsellors who were available 24/7 - and the nurses and a dietician was really good for her. It put her in a much better health position when she returned home - gave her insights into her problems - and gave her skills to continue her recovery. It also meant she had on-going support - as an out patient which helped her continue her recovery. So hold in there - we all fear the unknown and change - but you will get the help and support you need to recover - and you will have great access to care 24/7.

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I think i would really benifit from 24/7 help as i find it so easy to relapse and people at home dont notice.

The dawin centre has great reviews and i know people who have been in and recovered really well.

Thank you for replying ❤❤ xx

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Hi Clo2000

Going into into inpatient was a very difficult experience in the beginning for me.. BUT I think some sufferers, yourself being one really will benefit from this extra level of care. Whilst out in society, the responsibility to feed ourselves is ours but Anorexia and alike will often win so you remain in limbo. It's these times when we need extra help.

I was in a clinic (more set up like a house really) that ran on a 12weeks program. There were level systems 1-5 and as our recovery progressed we move up levels i.e. Level 3 we got home leave and participated in our food prep, level 4 we moved into a house onsite to take even more responsibility etc

This was a unit in Buckinghamshire which is now closed so I'm not sure how your unit will work.

My advice would be to TRUST the ppl trying to help, they have done this many times, they are not tricking you but your ED will make u feel like they are.

ENGAGE. It will be hard to unearth issues that may be leading to your problems and to eat regularly again but it's a slow process and food is medicine!! And you are there to get well.

Try not to compare yourself to others. This is YOUR RECOVERY.

When I left, I left with a group of friends who are some the strongest most amazing girls and guys I have ever met. They encourage me to this day.

I hope that helps. Feel free to ask anymore. Even when you are in impatient, this support network is always here for you too.

Love and luck xxx

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Thank you so much bumblebee20, i really apreciate the reply. I am detremined to recover for many different reasons but i really struggle to keep it up and i easily relapse and no one knows. Trust is a big issue with me so that is some that i need to address. Thanx for this ❤❤


I understand sweetheart. My guess will be that you relapse because you are using your ED to help you deal with some 'undealt with' emotions.

Hold those reasons for wanting to be well close to your heart. Write then down. Read them everyday and don't let the ED talk you out of it ;-)

Recovery is real. It's within your reach.

I used to struggle to trust but I use a little method now that helps... now when people come into my life I give them an A. Because that's what they deserve. But if they do something that betrays my trust then maybe they ll get downgraded. It sounds silly but i now see it better to start this way than be on my guard with everyone.

Maybe you could also try this?

I believe in you. I believe in recovery :-) xx


I will try this, thanx for the advice.

I am working on beliveing in myself and not blaming myself for whats happened. I think thats where i fall a lot of the time, something happens, i them blame myself and i then punish myself for it even if it really wasnt my fault i cant see that at that time. But i believe i can do this and i know that recover is worth it so thank you for the support ❤❤❤

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