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Afraid of food

I'm so afraid of eating. Il buy myself a new safe food and if I like it I can't eat it again because I'm scared Il not be able to stop eating it. I bought some no sugar vimto and it's really nice but now I can't drink even that. All I want to fill me up is coffee with skimmed milk because for me that's ok. Il also eat micro chips because for a box is only 146 Cal's for crinkle cut and Il eat crumpets because they are 99 Cal's. I'm so stressed out

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Suggest you need to go to your GP and get some help - it sounds like a problem is really developing - rather than a fear of food it sounds like a fear of calories - its important to see an ED specialist to help you sort out your feelings - especially given the restrictive nature of your diet which is going to cause you nutritional problems and health problems - have you visited the ABC website - there is helpful information there - they also have a support line which might help you.


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