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Has anyone tried this

Hi all.

I can't remember the last time I was happy inside my own body. Over the last 6 years I have allowed my constipation and ED thoughs ruin most of my everyday life.

I'm sick of it now. I've tried so many potions/supplements. My GP Dobbs me off with laxatives which for someone recovering from an ED i wouldn't say is very professional.

The only thing I haven't tried is gaining more weight,I'm still at a BMI of 17.9/18.3i always stay in that ridgid frame by exercising excessively or eating a very healthy diet. Lots of fruit. Musili. Bran. Brown bread etc. Sometimes I have been advised that maybe I eat to much fibre and this could be the main reason for my digestive issues. I've agreed with my husband that I will try and go on a lowfibre diet for ages weeks. Enjoying so e foods that I haven't tried in years. Cakes, Coco pops.white breads. Choc spread. Etc

I just wondered if anyone else had tried of been advised this. I guess all jam after is about of hope and motivation as ATM I'm on the edge of a breakdown.

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I'm sorry you're still struggling with horrible constipation :( I know how horrible and confusing that can be for someone in ED recovery. The only other thing I can think of besides meds and dietary changes is internal issues like prolapse - have you been examined inside? I sometimes have issues (from straining too hard) with part of the bowel bulging forward into the back wall of the vagina and the faeces sort of get 'stuck'. Also, I'm sure you already do this, but I can't go at all unless my feet are on a stool so my knees are higher than my hips.

Hang in there x


From someone who has experienced alot if the same who you say most of it is in my head? GP suggests I have no symptoms of prolapse and with weight gain I should see improvements. As always she suggest taking osmotic laxatives but I refuse to give my body more rubbish! !! Xxx


I don't think it is in your head, although I do think there is definitely a psychological element. E.g. When I'm anxious or I know I have to be somewhere early in the morning, the problem is much worse. And some people say that when you've struggled with bowel issues for a long time your brain sort of forgets how to recognise the usual urges, so that could be part of it. I wonder if there are any psych therapies that can help with that? Maybe even something like hypnotherapy? But there are most likely physical issues too - don't let your doctor belittle the issue.

I do think osmotic meds can be helpful, as long as you as well enough ED-wise to not abuse them. I don't really see them as 'drugs', I guess because I understand how they work and it seems quite simple really, more water in your bowels, easier toilet time.


Drinking lots and lots of water helps and in particular warm drinks. Having fat helps especially chocolate. I used to eat masses of fibre veg fruit but seemed to make things worse. Definitely foops with fat in helps. Good luck xx


Thanks caroline. I've been told it's fat that u need to eat as I have none on my body. Hence y my periods arnt coming back. I'm assuming these can be a mix of good and bad fats. I had mayonnaise for fits time yesterday. So much nicer than the light version. Lol x


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