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Periods returning


So sorry to keep posting on here. I just really need some reassurance.

I turn 30 this Thursday. I can't keep living with this ED for another 30 years as I've wasted so much time already.

I'm still waiting for my periods to return but appreciate that the one trigger for this is most likely my weight and exercise

I'm my own worst enemy for searching intranet pages and often see lots of bad press about ruining my body and periods won't return

Does anyone have any positive feedback to give me. Did your periods return?

Estrogen is the main issue with my low levels I've been advised by nutritionist to eat more healthy fats

Thanks all

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Hi, I'm 33 and lost my periods for 8 years and felt certain they would never return and I'd ruined my chances of having a family. Last summer however, I was inpatient for 3 months and during that time my periods returned once i was weight restored but more importantly i believe, once my body got used to regular nutrition. They've since gone again as my eating has slipped but I'm confident I can get to a point where they return again. I'm sure you can too xx


That's grest thst you got to that pont hun and I'm sure with all the support you can do it again.

I really don't want to be in patent. I need to start being stronger and more determined to beat this



Periods are such a huge part of recovery for me. I've restarted them 3 times, and each time it was like going through puberty all over again, and since that was a massive trigger for my ED starting in the first place when I was 13-ish, that was difficult to deal with.

But! They did return and they are regular now. They returned at about BMI 17 each time. The hardest thing for me was that not having periods acted as a piece of concrete evidence that I can't have been fat, even when I looked in the mirror and felt that way, so when they started back I no longer had a way of convincing myself I wasn't fat. But that's forced me to address the way I see myself, or at least not trust what I see in the mirror. Anyway...!

Healthy fats is a good way forward. It also does wonders for your skin - my eczema and dry hands got loads better. Periods will return. And happy birthday! You've got this x

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Wow 17 us a very low bmi for periods to return. I'm bmi 17.6 atm.

Ypur story I'd very inspirational . Thanks so much for your kind words 😊



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Hello lovely,

I have suffered from Bulimia for 17 years. Although I still suffer, I have managed to improve the frequency and my periods returned this year. I have maintained my weight yet gained a cup size. I have been taking electrolytes and multivitamins and am slowly seeing some improvement in my health.



That's fantastic news. Good for you. I hope so much that I don't have to wait to long. I only know that I have to be ready in mind as well as in body. Xxx


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