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Hi, So from May 2106 (I weighed 11st 4lbs) - September 2016 ( I weighed 9st 10lbs.) through a diet supplement consisting of 600ckals a day with 100% minerals and vitamins included. I then maintain that weight and ended up putting 4lbs (10st) on in December-Janaury. Except since then I have tried to lose wight everyday. Since February I have eaten little amounts (3 bananas and a bowl of veg one day). I am now weighing 9st 6lbs. I've lost 8lbs in 11days and am constantly checking the scales 1-2 times a day. My boyfriend gets annoyed at me checking all the time. Anyway although I know I could eat more,I tell myself no because I don't want to put what I've lost back on...

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Suggest a visit to the GP - eating just bananas and vege is not a healthy balanced diet and the continual weighing is also not good. Maybe you have a practice nurse at the surgery who can give you help developing a balanced diet - it might also be good to talk to a counsellor to get some support over body image and your fears around weight and weight gain/loss.

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