Support for transgender people with EDs?

I was wondering if anyone knew of support resources for trans people in recovery, because a lot of the pro recovery sites I visit for support say things like "do it for the boobs" or stuff like that, whereas I just want to minimise all the female aspects of my body. I tried searching for stuff but all I found were articles proclaiming that being trans is a mental illness similar to having an eating disorder. I just feel lost- the only thing that makes me want to gain any weight is to have chest surgery, but that's so far off in the future anyway, and I just can't deal with feeling so awful about my body and gender until then.

Any advice? I want to get better but I'm scared if I look more feminine my suicidality will return

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  • Hello, :)

    Sorry that you have not been able to find any resources to help you, that sounds very frustrating :(

    I haven't read much of this article (due to being very tired, from just finishing a night shift hehe ) but it sounds like it could be relevant and useful :)

    Hope you find resources that can help you

    Best wishes xx

  • Thank you very much- I found this very helpful to read :)

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