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ED recovery meal plan

ED recovery meal plan

Eating disorder recovery meal plans should ideally be designed by a Registered Dietitian (RD), which you can incorporate into your treatment plan. The RD should be able to assess your current nutritional situation as well as your lifestyle and preferences and be able to create a customized recovering meal plan for you. Dietitians take into consideration lots of factors such as individual nutritional needs, weight, exercise level, lifestyle, food preferences, etc. when they are designing your meal plan.

Therefore, these Eating Disorder Meal Plans are simply samples of what your meal plan could look like. Your nutritional needs could be very different from these meal plans shown here. These sample eating disorder meal plans are designed for 3 meals and 3 snacks per day, eating every 2.5 to 3 hours. Each sample menu plan incorporates different requirements for each exchange and includes proteins, starches, fruits, vegetables, fats, and dairy (or alternatives). The foods listed in the meal plans could also be substituted for another item in the same group (ex. Starch for another starch, like substituting a ½ cup brown rice for a ½ cup whole wheat noodles).

Sample Eating Disorder Recovery Meal Plan 1



½ cup or 1 serving Cereal

1 cup Milk (dairy, soy, almond, etc)


Protein shake or ½ cup cottage cheese w/pineapple


Turkey sandwich with slice of cheese on 2 slices whole wheat bread

Carrots and celery w/low fat ranch dressing


1 serving crackers, pretzels or popcorn


Grilled chicken breast

1 cup broccoli

1 cup noodles w/1 T butter

1 cup milk or soy milk


1 cup yogurt w/1 medium apple

Sample Eating Disorder Recovery Meal Plan 2


1 slice toast

1 scrambled egg with mushrooms

1 medium apple


1 oz cheese with 1 serving wheat crackers


2 slices whole wheat bread with roasted turkey, 1 slice cheese & mustard

1 cup salad with vinegar or 2 T low fat dressing


¼ cup trail mix (raisins, nuts, dried fruit, etc)


Baked salmon with 1 cup broccoli, ½ cup pasta, 1 T butter

1 cup low fat milk or soy milk


1 cup yogurt with 2 T peanut butter

Sample Eating Disorder Recovery Meal Plan 3


1 cup yogurt

½ cup bran flakes


1 slice whole wheat bread with hard boiled egg and tomato slices


Peanut butter and jelly sandwich

Tossed salad with almonds and 2 T low fat dressing


½ cup cottage cheese with fruit


Veggie burger (make sure has 14 grams protein or more) on whole wheat bun with 1 slice cheese

1 cup steamed broccoli or vegetable

1 cup milk or soy milk


1 serving wheat crackers with 2 T peanut butter

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is this to gain weight or just genuine meal plan? because my weight gain plan contains so much mre food now im panicking that I was struggling cos it was wrong.this plan seems much more bareable...


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