I can't eat I don't know what to do!

I was bulimic (2yrs) and Anorexic (4yrs) I'm healthy now, I don't do either it's took a lot to get to this place, and I'm happy with my self. But ever since I find it hard even know to hold down large meal or like now, it's been 5 days since I've held down any food, this isn't a choice, I don't want to be sick but it's like my body is rejecting food, I'm so dizzy, I need to eat but I can't keep anything down, I don't know if this is a lasting effect of the bulimia, I also have chronic migraines so throwing up is a thing that happens a lot, but it's like it all spirals and I end up in this state,normally I get past this in 3 days but it's just getting worse, I just want something to eat that will stay down. Please help, if you have any idea what this could be or how to over come it?!

(Side not I had a migraine 4 days ago that started the being sick and no it's not morning sickness)

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  • Hi littlesparrow ☺ I hope by the time you read this you have already gone to your Doctor. Are you eating so much that your digestive system just can't handle it??? Do you know what is setting this off, are you nervous about something??

  • Hi thanks for the reply. I'm currently still attempting to get a doctors appointment, I'm on a waiting list. No, I don't particularly have Big appetite, I'm a small person, so I eat what I need if that makes sense, but even that seems far to much sometimes, and I'm not a snacker. I get a lot of stomach pain after eating and then get nauseous :/ . No, nothing, it's a thing that's been going on and flaring up for a long time now, I have chronic migraines so I work hard on not becoming stressed or anxious.

  • Ok, seriously go to a DR, please. This is not normal and needs investigation. You have a history, but, you really need to be pro-active with your migraines and inability to keep anything down. Really talk to your GP/DR, ask for a longer appointment. ♡

  • I am trying, I've got a call back from a dr all they can give me at the moment, so we will see what happens after that, if it gets worst (last any longer, though I've kept down a very small amount of food now) I'll go to out of hours at the hospital later, thank you for the concern, I'm very pro. Active about my health but no one ever knows what to do with this issue, so I stopped asking for help but my stomach looks like it's eating itself it's gone so small so I've gotta do something. Thanks again 💚

  • Hi Littlesparrow

    I too would suggest you going to speak to your doctor. Ask for a double appointment to talk as appointments are normally only allocated 5 mins. I did this last week as recently I've been in pain after only eating (in my eyes) small amounts, not always & by her asking certain questions it's opened up other things. Our bodies/minds are quite technical & the brain is very powerful please seek some professional advice. Our bodies need food & water to survive.

    Sending lots of Angels your way today x

  • Hi sparkles07, thanks for the reply. I'm still attempting to just get an single appointment at the moment, which has proved to be a challenge. I've had similar thoughts about it possibly being to do with my mind, but I dunno. I hope your problem starts to resolve itself soon. I know I'm keeping my fluids up, and I've managed to keep a very little amount of food down from last night. Thank you for your kind works. X

  • That's good news and small steps with keeping it down.

    Please persist with Gp x

  • Littlesparrow, your body is rejecting the food. It's nothing you are doing wrong. First of all "congratulations" on getting to the place you are at. After six years of your body going through food withdrawal, your stomach doesn't know what is happening and needs to be retrained. Unfortunately, my daughter is not at that point yet. Anytime she eats, it involuntarily comes up. She also suffers from migraines, dizzy spells and shortness of breath. You've taken the first big step and that is wanting to get better. I hope you get that appointment with your GP

    or a therapist who specializes in eating disorders. As you already know, your body needs the food and hydration in order for your electrolytes not to go haywire. Did you know that when you are dehydrated you are more likely to get migraines? Best of luck in getting help soon. My thoughts are with you.

  • Thank you for the reply. Should it still be rejecting it just under 3 years from my last episode (anorexia) about a year (bulimic but was a few relapses I got over) (I have spoke to doctors numerous times since this all started) I have spoke to the doctor today and they are thinking I have some bacteria that shouldn't be in my stomach so more and more tests now.(but they don't know) It's really sad this isn't something people talk about, the conditions themselves or how much they mess with the body even so long after. I do hope soon your daughter will get better. Yeah I learnt the hard way with the migraines and staying dehydrated, I have a rule to drink at least about of water when I wake up and multiple through the day now, it's helped alot over the years.

  • I don't want to mislead you. I thought you had just stopped recently. My daughter has never gotten to this point, so I really don't know. The best thing to do is follow your doctor's advice as well as testing. I wish you well with finding an answer to your problem. It sounds like you are in good hands. Thank you much for wishing my daughter well. Keeping you in my thoughts littlesparrow.

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