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Where can I find help

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I have lived off of basically chips n bread for at least 15yeats and I am now 21 my mum has took me doctors soo many times in the past and I even went myself when I was old enought but I was told they could only help if I need help to quit smoking take drugs or have an alcohol problem I was told they don't have councelors for eating problems. Sooo I have been trying sooo hard myself with the help of my fiancé but I am scared of food n it knocks me backwards when people think n say its funny n pathetic why can't I just put it in my mouth chew n swallow so I need help but don't no where to turn any advice

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It can be extremely difficult to get any help from your GP or even get him/her to take you seriously. NHS specialist ED counsellors are non existent, and the wait for a generic CBT therapist can take at least six months and then all one gets are 6 sessions.

My parents and I battled with the NHS for many years to get specialist help for my anorexia. They even had to fight for me to go to a specialist unit rather than the local acute psychiatric unit. The doctors only wanted to send me there to save money, despite NICE guidelines that state that the sufferers of EDs should never be treated in generic psychiatric units.

I finally managed to beat anorexia,but it almost killed me in the process. I now have my own counselling clinic in Derbyshire and I do see a large number of clients with EDs. I started practicing in 1990 and started my own office 18 months ago. We don't have any specialist help in the county for EDs.

This is my website. I also do online counselling via the liveperson website. If you would like to chat to me please get in touch. I am also starting a my own Anorexia treatment project in Derbyshire. This will be a radical project aimed at finding a new way of treating the condition.


Good luck and take care



If you could say what part of the country you are I will see if there is anything available for you. You sound committed to move forward and this attitude will enable progress - keep those thoughts!

I live in Essex and I'm committed it's just having a fear or putting food in my mouth is hard to over come with out help and people around my do try but there no professional n it begins to sound like nagging and it's off putting


Have you tried to speak to your GP? He should be able to refer you to someone able to help with this type of issue. The fact though that you want to be able to eat normally is great:)

It seams to me if you have drugs and alcohol problems you get help you need, but us with eating disorders have to get to rock bottom before you get any help.

I have suffered for over 30 years with eating disorders mainly anorexia with not much help.

My GP just gives me iron tablets there not much help but as I'm of an age where children are An option I'm now being guilt tripped into to "how will u carry a health baby with ur diet" n stuff like that and it makes me feel bad coz I do want kids one day x

Kristykjj, Good morning :) Feeling alone and ridiculed is just plain wrong, and I just want to acknowledge that to you. Ok, positive thoughts for you, Mark1962 has the skype help, A-dad is looking into "help" in your area (give him time, if anyone can find it he will :) Your mum is actively always searching, one day that in itself will pay off. Your fiance is completely on your side, trying to support you. Sometimes seeing the people who ARE there for you alleviates feeling lonely.

You eat bread and chips, so you do chew. (my partner "inhales" food as far as I'm concerned! !) Getting on top of this eating disorder is going to take serious work on your behalf. Iron supplements have the nasty side effect of constipation, they are only a short term solution :( There is a book out currently called "Foods that harm, foods that heal." Read it. All food can be turned into a smoothie, chose high iron and vitamin C blends. Add them to your diet. Add foods to your diet with the same texture as bread/chips, before you know it Kristykjj you will have taken control of the nutrition requirements by Yourself :) !!! Yay!!!

Why you are doing this to yourself will take a long time to unravel with a counsellor - look on the bright side you are 21!! Having kids is a "forever & ever" job. So be coming a lay expert in nutrition can only benefit these future little people!!! (As well).

Hun, there are 2 types of people in this world "those who let things happen to them and those who make things happen", looks like you are part of the latter!!! Thats pretty cool :)

Thank you all for your help and advice one of my problems is also smoothies I also dont like the texture of them lol I'm sooo awkard but I do like apple juice and I drink a lot of milk and water I'm trying a weird thing where I suck the life out of some fruits to try and get the goodness and it also means I am getting used to put things in me mouth n hopefully ill beging to chew and swallow and get used to the texture

Good morning Kristykjj :) Being open like you are is truly starting to gain some sort of control. Congratulations :) Kristykjj you could try a cold press juicer - but, they are very expensive. Set little tiny goals add one extra piece of fruit/vegetable per week to your diet. (when I received this advice myself years ago I couldn't get out of the lady's office, fast enough!! ) Your mum or an older neighbor should have a "hand held juicer" stashed away somewhere! Can you chew gum?? To get used to chewing?

You are living on fruit juice/milk/water/bread/chips, so that equates to sugar/dairy/carbs and possibly salt, you must get iron in there!! Meat, nuts, leafy greens, eggs, quinoa...are some sources of iron. But texture is the "gross out factor" . You can get almond milk from the super market (should be in the UHT section, also you can get pre digested iron from the chemist, but it is really not nice and expensive. Can you cook? Possibly try a chicken and vege soup, then strain it, and drink the liquid (should be just like flavored water!)

Bodies do need an assortment of vitamins and minerals. This comes from a varied diet! I guess you know this ;) Just bringing all this up in the hope you can look after your self while you search for a counsellor.

Please be kind to yourself - YOU are important.

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