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Help for over coming bulimia

I have been trying to overcome my bulimia for over a year and a half now, at the start I managed quite well but I keep falling back into old habits, I have been to my GP and I felt like I was being judged, they didn't really offer me any help at all and now in all honesty, I feel too ashamed (and anxious) to go back and try another doctor at the surgery to see if they are more helpful. I feel a bit lost. Is there any helpline I can call that is specifically for ED's or something along those lines? I want to get better, it's just too hard trying to do it on my own.

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Yeah the b-eat helpline- you can talk in a chat room or to a specific person on there I think. I know how your feeling, I feel like ive seen so many different people and had so many assessments- they all say they aren't there to judge but you can see it in their eyes, there only human after all!

Don't give up though, even if you have to go to a different surgery or write a letter, do that! its better than not going at all! I wish I went earlier, now im apparently suffering depression, my work and training is suffering and it feels like I have too many bad habits to ever fully recover. You don't have anything to loose, nothing more than bulimia can take away from you anyways so why not give it a try and go back?

fairytales don't just teach us happy endings, they teach us the dragon can be slayed!

good luck



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