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For female carriers with AMN: what are your pain levels?

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how many women voted so far

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Just keep watching the poll!

Can i also ask, what pain killers do you find work best? We are going to try Lyrica soon. I have used tramadol with great relief (even at the lowest dose) but docs don't seem to want to keep me on it longer term. No one seems to understand when i try the deep, gnawing, vague pain in my back and legs... So frustrating.

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Hi, when I was first diagnosed I tried lots of pain meds and the best I found was Amitriptyline.

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If you give me a list of the common painkillers you all use, I can set up a separate poll like this one to show which painkillers you find most effective.

I recently went to Pain Clinic, found the experience amazing. At present I am taking Co-dydramol 10/500 four times a day with 20mg Amitriptyline at night. This is a months trial although I take the Amitriptyline normally. I also have the recommended books by Neville Shone, Coping successfully with Pain and the Pain management handbook . The Pain clinic also do a ten week course in Cardiff but the next one is not until September. This is not illness related and is more about pain management, with the correct pain medication, gentle excise and a lot more. I am keeping a diary and so far I have only come to one conclusion, that the tablets aren't working, lol

My doctors have offered gabapentin, etc several times, but so far I always turn them. I work in emergency medicine and patient experience has really turned me off of the idea of using any pain medication that isn't absolutely necessary. My thinking is that I don't want to develop any kind of dependency or tolerance. For instance, if I CAN cope with this level of pain with yoga, tylenol, and a heating pad but instead take more intense types of pain medication, then what happens as I develop a tolerance to the medication but get increasing pain with more progression? Plus, I think I'd probably lose my job if I had to take prescription pain meds (and as hard as I've worked to get here & as much as I love my job, I can stand to be in a little extra pain to be allowed to keep doing it!)

What do the carriers take for the pain

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Please can you post your question again in the main posts section? Take a new topic.Thanks, Chris