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Diet Soda, Your Health, & Your Brain

Diet Soda, Your Health, & Your Brain

Diet soda drinkers take note: people who drink one or more diet sodas every day are at greater risk of stroke and dementia.

More specifically, habitual diet soda drinkers have almost three times the risk of stroke or dementia compared to their diet soda-abstinent peers, according to a research study published in Stroke.

Researchers relied on two large, ongoing cohort studies. The Framingham Heart Study, begun in 1948, is a long-term, ongoing cardiovascular research effort, and the Offspring Cohort, begun in 1971, is a prospective epidemiologic study of the “offspring” from the Framingham group.

With over 10,000 participants from both study groups, researchers identified the strong correlation between habitual diet soda intake and increased risk of stroke and dementia.

The connection between diet soda and dementia deserves a closer look.

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And the.list continues: diet soda, more specifically artificial sweeteners were one of the first things I began to abstain from after being diagnosed with mild cognitive impairment. Next I eliminated benadryl, or anything containing it. Next I stopped taking prilosec.

My most recent cognitive assesment showed I have improved cognition.

The other prong in lifestyle change will be sleep apnea help.

I am so lucky to have improved with some fairly easy changes.

We must continue to spread the word about how chemistry can affect our brain chemistry. Thanks for sharing this important information

I wonder if we can figure out what or where the tipping point is where the insult to brain chemistry becomes impairment.

Opinions are very helpful and sharing on social media has helped many people.

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Yeah but having lived thru diabetes, people who drink full-sugared sodas (and many of them) are SO CRAZY! It seems you just cannot escape it. As the sage Bart Simpson uttered, you are damned if you do and damned if you don't.


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